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The History of Pauline’s Angels

Pauline’s Angels was set up in 2014 in memory of my Mum, Pauline. It was the 20 year anniversary of her sudden, untimely death and I wanted to do something lovely for other people as she was the kindest person. I heard in the media that an elderly lady somewhere else in the country had lost her husband that year and she was terrified of spending Christmas alone so she hired out a local pub/restaurant and invited other people in her position who would be spending it alone. I was very moved and inspired by this lovely act of kindness and thought “I can do that”. My plan was hatched and I had 9 months until Christmas Day to raise money to enable me to do this. I asked around my local community and the support I was offered was amazing, before I knew I had a group of volunteers and we held a live music fundraiser to enable me to pay for everything. Chorley Cricket Club very kindly let us hold our lunch there on Christmas Day 2014. We cooked it all ourselves, everyone got a Christmas present and we even got volunteers to collect and drop off our guests. We fed around 50 people who would have usually been alone. We though it was just going to be a one off but this year will be our 4th year.

Upcoming Events

Please check out our upcoming events to help raise money for the Christmas Festivities


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Please let us know if you would like to join us for Christmas Dinner